Wouldn’t it be better for me to just work with you in person? Of course, working one on one with me is always a great option if you’re local to Orange County, CA or need private virtual support. However, I’ve found that working in a group with other women is really transformational. This allows you to get support from me and from other women in the circle. Each woman contributes so much and this is an environment to explore your self-expression, your ability to receive support and be seen fully in your process.

I’m already working with you in person, so can’t I just ask you when I have questions about my cycle? Of course! You know I’m always up for talking to you about your health and vitality; however, what I’m sharing on this journey I often can’t create in one hour sessions. I also have noticed that women generally need time and support to really make long-lasting lifestyle and dietary changes. That is a big part of the reason that I created this, so you can have consistent support from me as you work through these changes and internal shifts.

I’m not trying to conceive. Would this program still be a good fit for me? Yes! Are you a menstruating women wanting to connect more deeply with your femininity and heal your cycle? This is the place for you. The truth is that I really believe that menstrual health and the fertility cycle are key components of thriving as a woman! They are also the doorway into the mystery of the feminine, which is great news because we are so intimately involved with these bodily rhythms. This will connect you to your body and ground you in your ability to take care of yourself on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Will I be able to meet and connect with the other women in the group? Absolutely and that is a key part of this process! We’ll be using Zoom as our online meeting platform. This allows for video and audio connection when we complete practices together or there is time for sharing. You will be able to see and communicate easily with other women in the group if you choose to do so. We will also have a private FB group for sharing and processing along the way. The group will remain open after our 3 months together.

Why 3 months? 3 months, or 3 lunar cycles, is on average how long it takes a follicle to mature and be released for potential conception. So, generally it takes at least 3 months to make any long lasting hormonal shifts in the body. I’ve also observed that women need this amount of time to integrate lifestyle changes, feel supported and gain clarity on what the womb is truly asking for.

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