Menstrual Literacy Course

Know your blood, own your body.

Start this 4 week self-paced course to reclaim the embodied wisdom of your menstrual cycle, receive practical knowledge and tips for healthy menstruation and deeply understand your physiology as it relates to hormones, sexuality, emotions and relating.

The menstrual cycle has been called the 5th vital sign due to the essential role it plays in a woman’s overall health. However, in the past several years working with women around fertility and menstrual health, I’ve come to know that most women don’t know much about this very normal, biological function! And it’s not their fault.

In large, we haven’t been given any body literate sex education that centers the female experience, including blood and fertility. Instead of being taught from a young age that the menstrual cycle provides a blueprint from which we can explore and understand life, we’re told that sexuality is dangerous and can result in pregnancy or disease and that blood is dirty and needs “sanitation” and hiding. It’s confusing, shaming and takes away your power before you can even grasp what it all means!

Body literacy is essential

If you want to deconstruct these harmful, systemic belief systems and reclaim your vitality and sexuality, you need to know how your body works from the inside out! The good news is that you can start now by tuning into your unique rhythm and listening to what your body has to offer. Knowing the ins and outs of your cycle will allow you to make informed decisions around fertility (conception or contraception), health care needs, sexuality and more.

Join this course to know your blood and own your body! Try now with a 14-day money back guarantee.

This course covers more than just the basics of your cycle!

This is a comprehensive view of the 4 phases of your cycle and how that deeply impacts your health and life. Making informed, autonomous decisions about your health and sexuality starts here. After taking this course, you’ll understand:

The hormones associated with each phase and optimal blood test levels

What a normal flow and cycle looks like

The energetic view of menstruation from Chinese medicine tradition

The emotional, sexual and relational landscape of each phase

How to use nutrition and embodiment practices to optimize your cycle

How to benefit in your day to day life by tuning into the unique physiology of each phase

How to attune to your fertility

Whether you’re new to tracking your cycle or have been for years, there is something here for you. Who this course is for:

Women struggling with menstrual pain, irregularity, PMS or other challenges

Women who are ready to take that first step in reclaiming health

Women trying to conceive who want to be informed and educated when talking to health professionals

Women coming off birth control or wanting to do so

Health coaches or professionals working with women

Yoga teachers and embodiment guides who regularly serve women

Anyone curious about being female body literate

What you receive when you buy this course

  • Welcome video

  • Four 15 minute videos to break down each phase of the cycle

  • Four audio embodiment practices that correlate to each phase of the cycle

  • A Menstrual Literacy Guidebook that includes:

  • Feed Your Flow Guide to support hormonal health through nutrition

  • Hormone Cheat Sheet with optimal reference ranges for different phases of the cycle and the overall blueprint of how hormones shift during each phase

  • Cycle Embodiment Guide for tips and recommendations on aligning your embodiment practice to your cycle

  • Integration video for completing your experience and encouraging next steps

  • Private FB community for sharing, encouragement and support

Investment: Only $69

While the womb will always contain some mystery, hormonal health and vitality don’t have to remain obscure or out of your reach! Reclaim this education for yourself and for future generations. This course is a small investment with infinite potential to radically shift your relationship to your body, blood, hormones and sexuality.

This course is the foundation of all Womb Medicine work, so I do my best to keep it accessible, easy to use and assimilate and also full of potential for deepening and unveiling your own path! If you’re still not sure if it’s the right course for you, please reach out to me!

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Try the Menstrual Literacy Course with a 14-day money back guarantee.

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