Mother. Sex. Spirit.

A 6 week live course that centers embodied healing and pleasure in motherhood, sexuality and spirituality.

Join me in reclaiming pleasure and resilience in mothering through embodiment, female centered sex education and community.

Motherhood is an erotic experience. Yes, I said it. Someone needs to. It’s also true what they say, motherhood is a spiritual path. So, how do you make sense of this as you find yourself in the all consuming days of mothering? If you are in overwhelm, how do you locate YOU again?

Moving through the sex, birth, mothering continuum profoundly shifts your identity on all fronts.

It’s a rite of passage that can be both challenging and illuminating, gratifying even. Mothering at this time is a wild ride and we are being called to claim our whole self in the process.

We no longer have to fragment our sexual selves after having a baby.

It’s possible for birth to be the great initiator into more pleasure, in both mothering and sex.

It’s possible to find the healing and integration that’s needed for full sexual expression.

It’s possible to find spiritual growth at the intersection of mothering, pleasure and embodiment.

It’s possible for sex to be a source of healing and power for yourself and your family.

Now is the time to claim this for yourself.

This course will offer embodiment practices and somatic sex education to help you (re)claim your desire, fully inhabit your pelvis and increase your capacity for pleasure in a way that works for your life as a mother.

Pleasure is the great Yin tonifier that can refill your inner well spring and provide you access to your life force for you, for mothering, for healing and for creating lasting cultural change for all of us. This isn’t an illusion or another frame on self care. This is very rooted in hormonal physiology.

Take a stand for your own pleasure, resilience and sexual autonomy.

 Whether you just had a baby or it’s been several years, you can take that first step back to yourself and your vitality now. 

This course is for you if…

You’re overwhelmed by the demands of mothering.

You’re avoiding sex with a partner or even alone and you’re not sure why.

You don’t like the sex you’re having post baby. Or it’s painful and you don’t know why.

You feel touched out after spending your day with your child (or children) and you don’t know how to break the cycle.

You want solutions that work, not more self care routines or suggestions that you simply don’t have time for.
You want to more easily move from sexual self to mother self and back again.
You know there’s more potential, power and insight in sex but you’re not sure how to access it.
You want to experience more pleasure in sex and mothering. (Spoiler alert! They’re linked!)
You are ready for the new narrative and maturation of your sexual identity, that includes embodiment and leaves room for spiritual growth.

In this course, we will…

  • Learn practices for slowly re-orienting to your body and sexual self after birth or into motherhood
  • Understand female arousal trajectories vs. the culturally dominant male arousal pattern
  • Demystify female anatomy of arousal
  • Re-define sex outside of the mainstream narrative
  • Experience nervous system regulation and orientation for increasing pleasure
  • Claim your ability to center your pleasure
  • Explore how your desires have shifted (if they have!) since having a baby
  • Practice slowing down and finding your embodied yes
  • Renegotiate cultural and familial scripts

Here’s a week by week overview but the timing could shift depending on the needs and flow of the course.

  • Week 1: Orienting to the landscape
  • Week 2: Discovering anatomy of arousal
  • Week 3: Reclaiming your pelvis
  • Week 4: Centering your pleasure
  • Week 5: Renegotiating scripts
  • Week 6: Integration to maturation

Course Format

  • Weekly 90 min webinars on Wednesdays at 10am (recorded if you’re unable to attend live)
  • Class notes in the form of PDFs that you’ll receive week by week
  • Illuminating personal practices and inquiries sent out weekly
  • Private FB community support group

What this course is NOT:

A substitute for hands on therapy for healing birth injuries. If you have a birth injury or experienced trauma related to birth, I always recommend pelvic floor physical therapy, sexological body work or somatic experiencing. I’m happy to provide you a referral if you’re not in my area. 

Relationship counseling or therapy. This course focuses on YOU.

Techniques, tricks and tips. No thanks!

Medical advice, treatment or trauma resolution therapy. All great things, but not what this course is about. 

Investment: $197 early bird, $247 full price

Hi, I’m Kristin and I’ll be your guide. I’m a Licensed Acupuncturist, herbalist and somatic sex educator. My practice is focused on women’s sexual, hormonal and pelvic health, fertility through postpartum. I offer embodied, holistic care that centers your real, lived experience. I’m also a mom of two! I am walking this winding path with you.

I created this course after countless women shared their struggles and concerns with me about their sexual experiences after birth. I’ve been in process with this material personally since my son was born in 2017. And again more recently in 2019 with the birth of my daughter.

You deserve to feel good in your body as you tend to your baby and children. Sexuality is an essential part of your thriving and it can serve as a great resource for you in the face of the daily challenges of mothering. Claim this for yourself and be a beacon of light for other women in your family and community. The time is now.

Pleasure and Resilience in Early Mothering Recording

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  • Can my partner take this course with me?
  • This course is for women and people with vulvas, primarily those who have given birth or recently welcomed a baby into their life. If your partner is a woman then she is welcome to join! Overall, I’ve found that focusing on your own relationship and expression to sexuality will greatly benefit your partnership!
  • I’m single, can I still take this course?
  • Absolutely! Your sexuality is yours, own it!
  • My “baby” is 10, do you think I’d still benefit from this course?
  • Definitely! I’d love to welcome various mother perspectives into the group.
  • I can’t attend the calls live. Is it still worth it for me?
  • Yes. All calls will be recorded and you will have access to them within 24 hours. I’ve taught many courses where participants aren’t able to attend live and still get results from watching the recordings, doing the practices and getting support in community.
  • I don’t have time! How much time do I need to put into this course?
  • I hear you mama! The weekly calls will be 90 minutes and then you’ll need maybe 30 minutes a few times a week for the inquiries and practices. So, with less than 2.5 hours per week you can see big changes for yourself that will ripple out to your family. It’s time well spent and you’ll enjoy it too!