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Now is the time to discover the power and potential of vitality and pleasure that is alive within you.

Vaginal Microbiome Basics + Healing

The vaginal microbiome is one of the roots of vibrant womb, sexual and pelvic health. This post is a deep dive into what this ecosystem is, what influences it and
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Vulva Vitality and Care

Without shame-free sex education as the baseline, it’s hardly a surprise that vulva care and health in general remains in the fringes of women’s health. The western medical model has
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Vaginal Steaming 101

So you want to give vaginal steaming (aka pelvic or yoni steaming) a try! Why not right? It’s accessible and very low risk with many potential benefits. This post is
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WombMedicine_How to use castor oil for womb healing, immune support and scar tissue repair

How to use castor oil for womb healing, immune support and scar tissue repair

I often recommend self care practices with the use of castor oil in my practice. It is also one of my main tools for softening and mobilizing scar tissue manually
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Healing HPV and Cervical Dysplasia Naturally

I have first hand experience with healing Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and cervical dysplasia naturally. I’ve also helped other women do the same using diet changes, supplements, acupuncture and Chinese herbal
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What is vulva mapping? And why you would want to do it!

As someone who is committed to radically holistic health care for women, when I first heard about STREAM training I knew it was a perfect fit. STREAM stands for Scar Tissue Remediation,
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