How to Heal Yeast Infections or Bacterial Vaginosis Naturally

Healing Yeast Infections Naturally

Whether you’re certain you have recurring yeast infections or you think you might have bacterial vaginosis, vaginal health issues can be really troubling and uncomfortable to manage day to day. Even though they are common, they are definitely not normal!
In this article, you can expect to learn some skills for self-assessment and differentiating which type of infection you might have, understand a few potential root causes and gain some tools to work with healing vaginal infections naturally.

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What is vulva mapping? And why you would want to do it!

My first experience of this work was when I had a vaginal mapping session. It was completely normalizing and de-shaming to experience genital touch with someone outside of the context of a medical procedure or a sexual encounter. I had an entirely new felt sense of my pelvis, where I was holding tension, what the vagina actually feels like to me for me and a deep knowing that this work would change the course of my life.

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