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Know Your Blood,
Heal Your Hormones

A month long journey of healing and reclamation for better periods, more pleasure and lasting body wisdom

It’s time to move from period problems and hormone hell to feeling rooted and resourced in your womb cycle vitality and hormonal resilience.

If you’re here, those words probably have some meaning for you. You may have a visceral reaction, feel called out or wonder if it’s even possible to move beyond pain or turmoil, which is totally understandable!

Whether you’re navigating period cramps, PMS or PMDD, pain with ovulation, irregular cycles, heavy flow, a PCOS diagnosis, fibroids or endometriosis, hormonal migraines, infertility or pelvic pain (and the list goes on and on!), you intuitively know there is more to finding a solution than simply accepting hormonal birth control, painkillers or surgical intervention. Maybe you’ve already tried those bandaid like solutions or perhaps you’ve totally rejected them!

The good news is we’re in the active process of cultural, ancestral and biological repair for women’s bodies. The tide is shifting as women reclaim their birthright to have easy, insightful and even enjoyable cycles. This means that there is more and more education and information available about hormones and the menstrual cycle. However, this doesn’t always translate to a comprehensive, root level healing approach to period issues!

You are looking for lasting change and truly effective solutions that help you feel resourced and rooted in your own healing potential, creative capacity and pelvic power source. You actually want to understand your body and not rely on medical professionals to translate hormonal know how. You’re ready to claim the agency, nourishment and healing that you need to fully be in your life!

After healing my own period issues and then becoming a practitioner and helping hundreds of other women do the same, I’ve created Know Your Blood, Heal Your Hormones for healing period problems at the root level!

It includes these 5 essential steps:

  1. Roots: Understand your cycle and get to the root cause
  2. Nourish: Heal Your Gut, Nourish Your Womb
  3. Regulate: Regulate your blood sugar, sleep and nervous system
  4. Liberate: Free yourself from Liver Stagnation, stress and endocrine disruptors
  5. Integrate: Integrate your Womb Heart connection (HPA-O axis), embodied sexuality and emotions
This course goes beyond the basics and dives deep into how to heal – physically, emotionally, spiritually and sexually. I’ve walked this path and helped many other women find lasting solutions and transform pain or dis-ease into power, pleasure and possibility. If I can do it, you can too and you don’t have to do it alone!

If you know this is what you need, join here!

What others are saying about Know Your Blood

"I highly recommend Kristin Hauser's Periods course to anyone who menstruates who is interested in holistic health from a grounded, embodied, and Chinese medicine lens. This course is rooted in the fundamental principles that govern how the menstrual cycle works, what and why throws the cycle off, and simple lifestyle changes and practices to create an environment for your cycle to thrive. I left the course with so much reverence for the brilliance of my body and how it's always adapting to current conditions and new tools to shift those conditions to make them more ideal for a healthy cycle. Kristin is extremely knowledgeable about cycle health and women's health overall and was very generous with her time in answering individual questions. I learned so much from the material but also through the embodied practices and transmission. This course is so valuable and fundamental to all health conscious people who menstruate."
Emily A.
"What has shifted is an understanding that my womb journey is mine and that is beautiful. A lot has shifted in all aspects. Emotionally I have embraced my process and allowed my feelings to come as they are. I've learned that my inner voice to and about my body have a direct effect on my organs and my womb. I'm now more loving with that inner voice. Physically I've began to see more patterns in my cycle and feel I'm able to hear my wombs wishes better because of the education and teachings about my body and my womanhood. I am not what has happened to me. I am a women strong and powerful and my body physically can heal."
Kelly H.
"This course was just the right amount of material for me at this time. It touched on many aspects of each phase of the cycle and provided practices that I will definitely use to help find balance during each phase. Kristin has a nice teaching style. She has an ease about her that is comforting and does not go too fast. I highly recommend any course taught by her."
Jennifer D.
"I followed every single thing on that course and found it truly fascinating.I had no periods following an ectopic and was told my remaining fallopian tube was blocked. Within just four weeks of the course I began bleeding again. My periods were exactly 28 days apart and I was ovulating, all things I've never ever experienced. Myself and my partner have experienced two lost babies (one very quickly lost, one ectopic as I mentioned). I am excited to tell you that I am currently 8 weeks pregnant, it is in the right place, all my hormone levels are perfect. I can't say thank you enough, no words I write are really going to express how grateful I am."
Franchesca E.

You don't have to do this alone!

Hi, I’m Kristin and I’ll be your guide. I’m a Licensed Acupuncturist, herbalist and somatic sex educator. My practice is focused on women’s sexual, hormonal and pelvic health, fertility through postpartum. I offer embodied, holistic care that centers your real, lived experience. I’m also a mom of three! I am walking this winding path with you. I created this course because menstrual healing was a gateway for me to understand and partner with my body, claim my power and embodied wisdom, un-shame my sexuality and trust my capacity for healing at large. I want women like you to find real solutions to their womb and hormone struggles! I know what it takes to heal. You deserve easier periods and lasting hormonal resilience! When you relate to your cycle from a place of curiosity, appreciation and deep understanding, your life will begin to transform. Start making positive, lasting changes for yourself and for our collective future. Heal yourself to free yourself. You’re worth it!
During Know Your Blood, Heal Your Hormones you will explore womb and hormone healing through the lens of East Asian Medicine, somatic sex education and hormonal physiology. It’s more than just a course. This is an initiation into the power, pleasure and creativity of your womb space. Consider this your opportunity to change your relationship to your period, hormones and body. Find ease, enjoyment and new insight by radically re-orienting to your cycle.

This course is for you if

Know Your Blood - This course is for you

What you receive by joining

When you say yes to this course you get immediate access to six modules and daily lessons that will walk you through one whole cycle, healing every step of the way. You can start anytime but I encourage you to begin on your first bleeding day if possible.

The modules are:

For each menstrual phase module, there are daily, digestible and actionable lessons to support you through the 5 essential steps for womb and hormone healing:
  1. Roots: Here you will get to the root cause of your hormone or womb health issue and truly understand your cycle hormonally and from the lens of East Asian Medicine. You will learn about cycle tracking and the Fertility Awareness Method, as well as the basics of East Asian Medicine in relation to cycle health. Tending to the roots is what allows your system to slow down and re-orient towards healing.
  2. Nourish: Here you will dive deep into gut health, what foods can support different phases of your cycle and how to truly nourish your primal body. You will be able to discern what is the best diet for you and what is truly required for hormonal health, microbiome resilience and reducing inflammation. Many period health issues can be resolved with dietary changes alone!
  3. Regulate: Here you will learn how to regulate your blood sugar, improve your sleep and implement practices for nervous system healing. Regulating your physiology in this way supports ovarian function and gets you out of stress hormone production and into sex hormone production. Your body thrives when it can sense safety and ease at the level of physiology!
  4. Liberate: Here you will free yourself from the hidden and not so hidden effects of stress and Liver Qi stagnation (what is that anyways?!). You’ll also slowly and methodically clear your space from endocrine disrupting chemicals. With the tools you’ll gain, you will be able to dissolve stagnation and resolve any symptoms associated with it (cramps, PMS, headaches, pain…)!
  5. Integrate: Here you will find space to integrate your emotions and a felt sense of your sexuality to ensure that the Womb Heart axis is connected. This supports true hormonal resilience by supporting the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis. It also roots you more deeply into the power and pleasure of your pelvis. This step is too often missed in books and programs about period healing! How you feel about your womb, what access you have to pleasure in your body and what emotions may be lingering in your pelvis for integration are all essential for lasting change. Don’t skip this important step!

Investment: $297 one time payment or 3 monthly payments of $108

That’s less than the cost of three office visits with me! This course provides the best resources I know of after years of clinical practice and more than a decade of healing my own period and hormone challenges. Plus, it keeps you in your inner authority and personal responsibility around healing.

Jump on in! You’ll get the following bonuses when you join…

Know Your Blood Bonus

I know what you’re thinking…

Do I really have time for this?

The lessons include video, audio or PDFs to support different learning styles and preferences. Lesson lengths are variable but shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes daily! It is designed to be completed over the course of one month but you are more than welcome to do this at your own pace. I trust the timing that your body needs to heal! 

While you will start implementing changes once you begin this course, changes in your symptoms or issues may take longer to fully resolve. It takes at least three cycles (approximately 90 days) for the eggs beginning their development process to fully mature!

You can wait or you can simply start healing now. Your call! 

Why not just work with Kristin one on one? 

Well, that of course is an option! I’ve actually created this offering with that in mind, knowing that some will still want to work with me personally. You know how you learn, heal and transform best. However, what I can say is that with the knowledge, skills and practices that are taught in this course, the work we would do together could be deeper and far more effective! 

What if you don’t have to choose one or the other?

Ahh, did I just sense your system relaxing a bit?! 

Will this really work?

While the womb will always contain some mystery, hormonal health and vitality don’t have to remain obscure or out of your reach! This course is a small investment with infinite potential to radically shift your relationship to your body, blood, hormones and sexuality. In short, it works! That’s why Womb Medicine offers a money back guarantee.

Womb Medicine’s 14 day money back guarantee

All Womb Medicine courses come with a 14 day money back guarantee, no questions asked! We feel confident in our courses ability to help you truly transform, heal at the root level and be rooted in agency, nourishment and healing. If you get started with one of our courses and decide it’s not the right fit, just let us know within 14 days of purchase (or course onset if live) and we will refund you in full. 

We want all our students to find the support they truly need to heal, so no need to explain your reasoning, just ask and we’ll take care of it. Womb Medicine is dedicated to serving those who want to be active participants in our community. So far, we haven’t had any refunds!

Disclaimer: This course is for educational purposes and not for the diagnosis or treatment of disease. After all, if you wanted to give away your power to the industrial medical system, you wouldn’t be here!

Alright, I’m in.


Last call! Know Your Blood, Heal Your Hormones is a foundational piece of Womb Medicine, so I do my best to keep it accessible, easy to use and assimilate and also full of potential for deepening and unveiling your own path!

Are you ready to reclaim your womb health? No need to wait.