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Mother Sex Alchemy

A 6 week live course that dives deep into embodied healing and sexual alchemy as mother.

Join me in reclaiming your birthright of pleasure and resilience in mothering through embodiment, female centered sex education and community.

Many women enter into motherhood without being fully initiated into their sexual power. Our cultural inheritance is riddled with sexual shame and severely lacks body-centered sex education. Although the sex-birth-mothering continuum is ultimately one of inherent power and pleasure, we have cut ourselves off from this primal imprint. Individually we’ve placed too much internalized pressure on mothering to be the ultimate fulfillment, while collectively culture devalues the work of motherhood.

For many, this is a recipe for disaster in the early mothering years. At a time of utmost vulnerability, we lack clarity, community, body-centered education and true heartfelt nourishment.

While I have sat one on one with many women in the months and years after giving birth to facilitate their personal evolution and healing, I know the work of moving fully through the sexual and spiritual maturation process that motherhood offers is meant to be done in community with honest reflection and witnessing. That’s why you’re here!

Birth itself can be a reckoning or unraveling of sorts. It can bring past experiences to the surface for metabolizing or reveal deeper layers of your unique sexual expression and pleasure pathways.

Regardless, birth is always an initiation and what comes after allows you to sit in the depths of your pelvic power source, re-write worn out sexual narratives, come home to your mother body and truly discover the healing potential of centering your pleasure in sex. 

Motherhood is an erotic experience. Although motherhood and sexuality have been split within our current cultural narrative, it doesn’t take much digging around to recognize that these archetypal experiences are deeply linked biological, primal aspects of our humanity.

The split was created to uproot women’s power, pleasure and agency. We see this in the practices of the industrialized medical model of prenatal care, which centers technology over biology and felt, human experience. We see this in de-humanizing birth procedures that have the potential to leave women feeling broken, injured and abused. We see this in the complete lack of regard for the postpartum healing time as the sacred, mind-altering time that it truly is.

This cultural inheritance can stop with you! You have the potential to wake up to your unique sexual and spiritual path in motherhood in every moment. 

We are the ones who are shifting this cultural narrative to be more generative for the future and to include space for our full expression and body-centered healing. 

We hold resources, wisdom and resilience for reclaiming pelvic vitality and moving out of sexual shame. We transmute this for ourselves so that we may free our children from this fragmentation. 

The sex-birth-mothering continuum is one full of twists and turns of erotic life expression and possibilities for centering your own power. Can you sense that in your body? Does it feel true for you? 

Whether you’re a full body yes or not sure yet, what I know to be true is that…

It’s possible for birth to be the great initiator into more pleasure and life force, in both mothering and sex.

It’s possible to find the healing and integration that’s needed for full sexual expression.

It’s possible to find spiritual growth at the intersection of mothering, pleasure and embodiment.

It’s possible to feel good in your body through all the changes that motherhood brings.

It’s possible for sex to be a source of healing and power.

Becoming a mother profoundly shifts your identity on all fronts. It’s a rite of passage that can be both challenging and illuminating, and often is for years to come! Mothering at this time is a wild ride and we are being called to unearth our whole, messy selves in the process.

Now is the time to claim this level of healing, nourishment and expression for yourself.

This course offers embodiment practices and somatic sex education to help you heal at the root level, fully inhabit your pelvis, unearth your desires, transmute sexual shame and increase your capacity for pleasure in a way that works for your life as a mother.

Don’t fall for the bad advice that is widely available about postpartum sexuality. Your unique erotic life is about more than using enough lube or having a glass of wine! Seriously, say goodbye to maintenance sex (if you’re partnered that is!).

Pleasure itself is the great Yin tonifier that can refill your inner well spring and provide you access to your life force for you, for mothering, for healing and for creating lasting cultural change for all of us. This isn’t an illusion or wishful thinking. This is very rooted in hormonal physiology and we’ll cover that landscape during the course too.

Take a stand for your own pleasure, resilience and sexual autonomy.

Whether you just had a baby or it’s been several years, you can take that first step back to yourself and your erotic vitality now.

This course is for you if…

In this course, we will…

Here’s a week by week overview

Course Format

What this course is NOT:

A substitute for hands on therapy for healing birth injuries. If you have a birth injury or experienced trauma related to birth, I always recommend pelvic floor physical therapy, Holistic Pelvic Care, sexological body work or Somatic Experiencing. I’m happy to provide you a referral if you’re not in my area. 

Relationship counseling or therapy. This course focuses on YOU.

Techniques, tricks and tips. No thanks!

Medical advice, treatment or trauma resolution therapy. All great things, but not what this course is about. 

Investment: $347

Hi, I’m Kristin and I’ll be your guide. I’m a Licensed Acupuncturist, herbalist and somatic sex educator. My practice is focused on women’s sexual, hormonal and pelvic health, fertility through postpartum. I offer embodied, holistic care that centers your real, lived experience. I’m also a mom of two! I am walking this winding path with you.

I created this course after countless women shared their struggles and concerns with me about their sexual experiences after birth. I’ve been in process with this material personally since my son was born in 2017. And again more recently in 2019 with the birth of my daughter.

My teaching style is largely influenced by my private practice and personal experience. I draw from my studies of Chinese Medicine, yoga and tantra, hormonal physiology, pelvic anatomy, somatic sex education and embodied trauma healing (in the Somatic Experiencing modality).

While one on one, hands on healing work is invaluable in the postpartum time, so are community healing spaces which offer reflection and illumination. As mothers, we need to be around other mothers, especially when it comes to our unique journeys with sexuality after birth and pleasure as it relates to mothering. Together, we can witness each other’s transformation, transmute shame and create a future of body literacy and thriving for our children.

You deserve to feel good in your body and live into full sexual expression as you tend to your baby or children. Sexuality is an essential part of your thriving and it can serve as a great resource for you in the face of the daily challenges of mothering.

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What others are saying about Mother Sex Alchemy

"Mother Sex Alchemy was a great experience for me and I'm very grateful that you made this course happen Kristin! Kristin has amazingly profound knowledge to share and every week's course was full of women's wisdom, enlightening moments and rewarding practices. The six weeks of the course helped me create space for myself and made me focus a lot more on nourishing aspects of mothering and on my needs - sexual and sensual ones. I am so glad I took part and would recommend it to every mom!
Rebecca F.
“Kristin offers an amazing window into the world of motherhood through understanding your unique sexuality. She is clear and concise. She helped me connect to my deep self as well as my partner right after having our first baby. I felt seen and heard in a way no doctor ever could. This is the new revolution to postpartum care. Are you a mom? You deserve to know you are magic! This course can help remind you."
F. H.


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Womb Medicine’s 14 day money back guarantee

All Womb Medicine courses come with a 14 day money back guarantee, no questions asked! We feel confident in our courses ability to help you truly transform, heal at the root level and be rooted in agency, nourishment and healing. If you get started with one of our courses and decide it’s not the right fit, just let us know within 14 days of purchase (or course onset if live) and we will refund you in full. 

We want all our students to find the support they truly need to heal, so no need to explain your reasoning, just ask and we’ll take care of it. Womb Medicine is dedicated to serving those who want to be active participants in our community. So far, we haven’t had any refunds!

Disclaimer: This course is for educational purposes and not for the diagnosis or treatment of disease. After all, if you wanted to give away your power to the industrial medical system, you wouldn’t be here!