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Restoring Fertility and Ovarian Vitality


2+ hour workshop with Q&A

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What you'll get:

✓2+ hour workshop recording and Q&A

✓ 90-day supportive Restore Your Fertility guidebook- a step-by-step guide to keep you on track in restoring fertility and increasing ovarian function

✓ 15-page nutrition integration guide with recipes and recommendations for meals, snacks, and infusion to support fertility 

✓ Downloadable fertility-focused supplement and herbal guide to help understand what is best for your body

✓ Lifetime access to the workshop and all bonuses 

✓ Bonus: Vaginal Mapping Practice for Nervous System Regulation 30-minute audio practice

✓ Bonus:  30-minute bonus Restorative Yoga Nidra audio practice


✧ 2+ hour live class and Q/A to get all your questions answered 
✧ Clarity and conversation around the hormonal and psychospiritual causes of PMS or PMDD
✧ A deep dive into liver and gut health for supporting estrogen elimination and why that’s essential for decreasing PMS
✧ Supplement and herbal recommendations for specific premenstrual issues
✧ Understanding the role that nutrition and nourishment plays for resolving PMS or PMDD
✧ Chinese Medicine understanding of PMS
✧ Discussion around the basics of the medicine wheel within and how it can orient you to the wisdom of your cycle
✧ Tools to work with your difficult emotions that pop up during the premenstrual phase of your cycle
✧ The replay of the class to access for 1 year with option to download
✧ BONUS Practices for embodying the unique medicine of the Sorceress
✧ BONUS PDF guide for eliminating endocrine disruptors

What Women Are Saying:

I followed every single thing on that course and found it truly fascinating.I had no periods following an ectopic and was told my remaining fallopian tube was blocked. Within just four weeks of the course I began bleeding again. My periods were exactly 28 days apart and I was ovulating, all things I've never ever experienced. Myself and my partner have experienced two lost babies (one very quickly lost, one ectopic as I mentioned). I am excited to tell you that I am currently 8 weeks pregnant, it is in the right place, all my hormone levels are perfect. I can't say thank you enough, no words I write are really going to express how grateful I am.

- Franchesca

So thankful for my acupuncturist, who has been so much more than an acupuncturist for me. She’s been the feminine nurturing support I needed to heal my cycle and fix my fertility, allowing for two pregnancies that occurred naturally after an infertility diagnosis, miscarriage and failed IVF. She’s been the honest, open and authentic mirror of motherhood and all its ups and downs. She’s been a wealth of knowledge not only in Chinese Medicine and treating everything from cysts to bleeding to autoimmune issues to mastitis, but also referring me to my team of amazing women who have helped me with every aspect of pregnancy and postpartum and have been by my side every step of the way.

- Kara

I finished the herbal formula you recommended and my periods regulated! I just got a positive pregnancy test. Thank you!

- Z.H.

Thank you. I wanted to watch the workshop so I could put these into context. The workshop was fabulous - the information was really clear and actionable - I appreciated that you gave so much education on why to do certain things. You also delivered it in a very calm way which my nervous system appreciated.

- Vaginal Microbiome workshop participant

I felt so seen and heard and validated on everything I’ve been going through. I feel so hopeful about my health for the first time in years and I’m so excited to get started with this new plan.

- L.B

Kristin and the treatment, attention, and care she gives has been incredible. I began seeing her earlier this year for hormonal balance after struggling with horrible night sweats, extra long cycles, and noticeable PMS. My night sweats are now gone, my cycles have decreased consistently by about a week, and the PMS has lessened. This was HUGE for me as I've seen many doctors (both western and eastern) over the years and haven't had these results!

- Cortney H.

I have been doing much better. My bleeds are almost not painful at all which is pretty miraculous, and I feel much better in my cycle overall.

-Julie-Roxane K.

WOW that workshop was amazing. I feel very empowered and happy that I chose to sign up. Everything we addressed was relevant and SO worth the time and money. In other workshops I've attended in the past, the information was too general and didn't feel like enough to get me to buy in, but I came away from Kristin's seminar with so much positive energy and hope because she offered tangible solutions. I also felt as if I was no longer so alone in my health struggles.

- Jiana

Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop! I didn’t know what to expect going into it, but I was just blown away by your knowledge and insights. I have been feeling so defeated lately, and I left the workshop feeling empowered.

- Ali