Healing Estrogen Dominance

A workshop to improve estrogen elimination, increase progesterone and get rid of symptoms like PMS, heavy, painful periods and so much more!

We'll cover the following: 

  • What is meant by "estrogen dominance" (and how it relates to progesterone production)
  • Understanding this pattern energetically according to Chinese Medicine 
  • Breaking down the 3 phases of estrogen detox 
  • Eliminating estrogenic toxins in your environment 
  • Key steps to supporting each phase of estrogen elimination 
  • Nutritional changes to support hormonal resilience
  • Supplements and herbal support
  • And so much more!

When you purchase you get immediate access to the recording and any materials that come with it!

What Women Are Saying:

THANK YOU! I wanted to watch the workshop so I could put these into context. The workshop was fabulous - the information was really clear and actionable - I appreciated that you gave so much education on why to do certain things. You also delivered it in a very calm way which my nervous system appreciated!

- Lindsey

I just finished the replay and the course was great! I appreciated how you broke it down in ways that are easy to understand. I also appreciate the approach of what may work for one may not work for the other and what to consider because of that approach (bio-individuality).

- Olivia

I had the opportunity to dive in and explore Kristin Hauser’s course on Healing Estrogen Dominance which called to me for two reasons; navigating and understanding my own health and hormones and serving other women. At the start of class I had a vague understanding on how an excess of estrogen dominance affects the body and ways in which to support the body coming back into what Kristin calls equilibrium. The way Kristin can take her knowledge and breakdown information to serve it in bite size pieces makes it easy to understand and integrate into everyday living. I am new to measuring BBT and in the workshop we went over patterns and sample charts, which was really helpful outside of having the FAM book as a reference. We also chatted about how labs can give us a piece of the picture, testing to identify hormonal imbalances, root causes, liver support, microbiome support, endocrine disruptors and supporting elimination of estrogen to name a few. I loved Kristin’s breakdown from a TCM perspective and how we can use the tongue as a tool. And if that wasn’t enough we left the 2 hour call with access to all the slides and a bountiful supply of resources. If you are like me and looking to learn more about hormones this course is for you! Thank you, thank you, thank you Kristin!

- Alex

$127.00 USD

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