Vital Pregnancy Collective - 6 Months

The total value of the Vital Pregnancy Collective is over $1800 dollars!


Here is everything you receive when you join the Vital Pregnancy Collective:

Immediate Access to: 

- Herbal Allies for Pregnancy workshop ($150 value) A Workshop with me and Arielle de Martinez that covers how to work with herbs during pregnancy and into the postpartum time. It includes the recording of the workshop and a complete herbal reference guide for navigating common pregnancy ailments and gathering support for the postpartum time.

- The Freebirth of Desi Hawk Video footage ($99 value) The birth footage of my 3rd homebirth, 2nd freebirth. This family centered birth includes the last hour of my birthing process as well as the birth of the placenta and integration time. Gain insights into normal birth and envision your own dream birth!

- Acupuncture for Holistic Pregnancy Masterclass ($99 value) Understand the basics of using acupuncture or acupressure for support during pregnancy. This masterclass also helps you debunk common narratives around “natural induction.” Hint: there is no such thing! 

- Vaginal Microbiome Rehab and Cervical Health Workshop ($127 value) This is one of Womb Medicine’s most popular workshops. It will teach you how to tend to your microbiome as you approach your birthing time as well as how to resolve any issues (yeast, BV, etc) that arise during pregnancy or during the postpartum time. The vaginal microbiome is what helps shape your baby’s future gut health and overall resilience!

- Affirmations for Embodied, Ecstatic Birth ($27 value) This sweet audio track is something that I recorded for myself before my first birth. It includes affirmations to help you feel settled, relaxed and even excited for your birthing time. 


Monthly masterclasses with me on the following topics

All classes will be held on the first Monday of the month at 3pm central time. They will be recorded and uploaded within 24 hours. So, if the class has already happened, you get immediate access to the recording. Masterclasses will be 60-90 minutes and allow time for Q/A and sharing. Each masterclass is valued at $127. 

✵ Preparing for the Birthing Portal - June 3rd 

✵Acupressure for Nausea and Fatigue in All Trimesters- July st

✵Pregnancy as a Healing State - August 5th 

✵Nourishing You and Your Baby- September 2nd 

✵Acupressure for Sleep, Digestion and Pain - October 7th 

✵Setting Yourself up for Postpartum Ease and Enjoyment - November 4th 

✵Acupressure for Settling the Spirit, Releasing Stress and Regulating the Nervous System - December 2nd 

✵And yes, more masterclasses and community calls will be coming in 2025!✵

Plus, a community forum where you can share, ask questions and receive personal feedback from me! (value $55 per month) 

Words from women who have worked with me during pregnancy...

It took me some time to get pregnant and once I did, I needed tending to. I found Kristin through my midwife and saw her consistently for acupuncture. But it was so much more than that, Kristin held space and drew from her own experiences to help bring me along. I had a low lying placenta and a breech babe, which all resolved by the time birth came and I had no doubt Kristin’s care played a part in that. Every time I went in for a visit, I left feeling other worldly - with more energy to sit in my body and prepare for labor. She is a must if you’re looking for acupuncture during pregnancy (and beyond really). Her expertise is vast and invaluable on the journey.


I began seeing Kristin in my second trimester of pregnancy in hopes that acupuncture would help to relieve my lingering nausea, and continued to see her regularly up until my baby boy arrived. Kristin did much more than provide acupuncture services - she held space for me in a way few others did. As a first time mom navigating a variety of unexpected pregnancy symptoms, I was often overwhelmed and discouraged by the time our appointments rolled around. Kristin consistently treated me with care and compassion, and was generous with her time and expertise. She remembered details that I shared with her and seemed always to deeply consider my unique set of circumstances - not something I can say for every prenatal care provider. Not only did I find respite on her acupuncture table, but I found solace and kinship in our conversations. I would wholeheartedly recommend Kristin's services to other mothers-to-be.


So thankful for my acupuncturist, who has been so much more than an acupuncturist for me. She’s been the feminine nurturing support I needed to heal my cycle and fix my fertility, allowing for two pregnancies that occurred naturally after an infertility diagnosis, miscarriage and failed IVF. She’s been the honest, open and authentic mirror of motherhood and all its ups and downs. She’s been a wealth of knowledge not only in Chinese Medicine and treating everything from cysts to bleeding to autoimmune issues to mastitis, but also referring me to my team of amazing women who have helped me with every aspect of pregnancy and postpartum and have been by my side every step of the way. She helped me heal from my first birth with pelvic mapping and massage, taught me how to take care of my body with steaming herbs, supplements, nourishing foods and teas. She offered classes on awakening the sexual desires of women and mothers after childbirth and creating resilience in an impossible and broken culture and taught me how to regulate my nervous system in order to allow pleasure back into my life. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her, her deep and knowing knowledge of Chinese Medicine, herbs and motherhood or her belief in my body to heal and carry and birth and experience fully. In a world where we, as women, still feel so alone - women who help and support us along the way are a light in the dark.


I saw Kristin Hauser before the birth of my son in August of 2015. She is amazing. I had back pain during my pregnancy and within a few sessions it was gone!


$333.00 USD