Healing PCOS and Ovarian Cysts

A workshop to support you in healing PCOS and ovarian cyst symptoms, achieving clarity, hope, pain-free periods, and restoring ovulation to conceive. 

Through the vast knowledge of TCM and beyond, Kristin has supported women just like you for the last 10+ years in healing these issues. 

What you’ll get: 

  • Recording of a live 2+ hour workshop with Q/A
  • Clarity around what PCOS actually is as well as the different types of cysts and accumulations that can happen
  • Understanding the root cause of PCOS according to Chinese medicine, including what your tongue can tell you about your type of PCOS and how to address any “stagnation” or “dampness”
  • The 5-step process for healing and what to really focus on for healing PCOS and ovarian cysts (see above for steps)
  • Discussion around hormone testing for PCOS and what to look out for
  • Clarity for how to move towards conception with PCOS or ovarian cysts
  • Specific herbal and supplement recommendations as well as discounts on both
  • Lifetime access to workshop materials
  • Bonus: Breaking up with endocrine disruptors PDF guide
  • Bonus: Vaginal Mapping Practice for Nervous System Regulation 25-minute audio practice
  • Bonus: Fertility Awareness PDF guide 

When you purchase you get immediate access to the recording and any materials that come with it!

What past clients are saying...

After nearly 3 years of trying to regain my period, which went missing completely after coming off birth control, I couldn't have been more blessed to find Kristin. My husband and I both desperately wanted to conceive, and through the course of my fertility journey I met with countless doctors and specialists in which not one could help me to understand what was happening with my cycle and how I could work naturally to heal it. No one I met with ever made me feel so heard, validated and like such a priority as Kristin did- after meeting her it was the first time I felt such strong hope again. Her understanding and knowledge when it comes to fertility, hormones and the body is truly unparalleled. Her approach to healing my cycle and getting me back on track started with looking at all possible root causes, and creating a custom treatment plan tailored specific to me and my symptoms. Kristin asked questions no one else had thought of, and was even super committed to helping my husband improve his fertility as well. After just one month of following all of her suggestions and supplementing with her custom herbal formula blend I ovulated, and two weeks later discovered I am pregnant. I truly cannot express how grateful I am for Kristin and all of her guidance. Working with her truly has been such an amazing experience and I couldn't recommend Kristin enough to anyone who needs help and guidance healing their hormones and fertility.


After 10 years of trying to find a doctor to help me I kind of had lost hope. I have been working with Kristin for quite a while now. I first came to her on three medications and found no cure in sight that would work for my PCOS. Kristin took the time to listen to me and hear me say I would eat better and workout more for months, she started treatment and little by little positive changes started to happen. She was patient and kind with helping me to find what would work for me. With supplements, acupuncture and her knowledge of women's health, I have to say she knows what she is doing! I am 35 pounds down and off my medications and doing everything the natural way. Her support has been amazing and I would recommend her for any women's health issues and beyond.


Kristin and the treatment, attention, and care she gives has been incredible. I began seeing her earlier this year for hormonal balance after struggling with horrible night sweats, extra long cycles, and noticeable PMS. My night sweats are now gone, my cycles have decreased consistently by about a week, and the PMS has lessened. This was HUGE for me as I've seen many doctors (both western and eastern) over the years and haven't had these results!


$127.00 USD

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