Know Your Blood Heal Your Hormones - Payment Plan

A month-long journey to heal your period problems, optimize fertility and enjoy your female physiology!

This course is a 4-week journey that walks you through 5 essential womb and hormone healing steps…
  1. Roots: Understand your cycle and get to the root cause
  2. Nourish: Heal Your Gut, Nourish Your Womb
  3. Regulate: Regulate your blood sugar, sleep and nervous system
  4. Liberate: Free yourself from Liver Stagnation, stress and endocrine disruptors
  5. Integrate: Integrate your Womb Heart connection (HPA-O axis), embodied sexuality and emotions


We go beyond the basics and dive deep into how to heal - physically, emotionally, spiritually and sexually. I’ve walked this path and helped many other women find lasting solutions and transform pain or dis-ease into power, pleasure and possibility. If I can do it, you can too and you don’t have to do it alone! 

What Women Are Saying:

I followed every single thing on that course and found it truly fascinating.I had no periods following an ectopic and was told my remaining fallopian tube was blocked. Within just four weeks of the course I began bleeding again. My periods were exactly 28 days apart and I was ovulating, all things I've never ever experienced. Myself and my partner have experienced two lost babies (one very quickly lost, one ectopic as I mentioned). I am excited to tell you that I am currently 8 weeks pregnant, it is in the right place, all my hormone levels are perfect. I can't say thank you enough, no words I write are really going to express how grateful I am.

- Franchesca

This course was just the right amount of material for me at this time. It touched on many aspects of each phase of the cycle and provided practices that I will definitely use to help find balance during each phase. Kristin has a nice teaching style. She has an ease about her that is comforting and does not go too fast. I highly recommend any course taught by her.

- JD

This course is rooted in the fundamental principles that govern how the menstrual cycle works, what and why throws the cycle off, and simple lifestyle changes and practices to create an environment for your cycle to thrive. I left the course with so much reverence for the brilliance of my body and how it's always adapting to current conditions and new tools to shift those conditions to make them more ideal for a healthy cycle. Kristin is extremely knowledgeable about cycle health and women's health overall and was very generous with her time in answering individual questions. I learned so much from the material but also through the embodied practices and transmission.

- Emily A.

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