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Harmonizing the Womb Heart is a workshop to support you in integrating the Womb Heart connection through Chinese Medicine and trauma resolution.

Vaginal Microbiome Rehab and Cervical Health

A workshop to help you create a resilient vaginal microbiome, support cervical wellness and pelvic vitality.

During our time together we’ll dive into these topics

  • Understanding the vaginal microbiome - common microbes and their impact on vaginal and reproductive health 
  • The concepts of Dampness, Heat and Cold according to Chinese Medicine- including how to differentiate which pattern you have and which herbal medicine can support healing 
  • Steaming for vaginal vitality 
  • Cervical health in relationship to the vaginal microbiome and why your cervix needs animal fat and protein to heal
  • My take on probiotics, garlic, yogurt, boric acid and the like
  • Supplements and herbal support
  • Exploring embodied boundaries and the role of the vaginal microbiome in our sexuality 

When you purchase you get immediate access to the recording and any materials that come with it! 

Including a bonus Guided practice of vaginal mapping - a 20+ minute audio practice that guides you through a vaginal mapping practice. 

What Women Are Saying:

WOW that workshop was amazing. I feel very empowered and happy that I chose to sign up. Everything we addressed was relevant and SO worth the time and money. In other workshops I've attended in the past, the information was too general and didn't feel like enough to get me to buy in, but I came away from Kristin's seminar with so much positive energy and hope because she offered tangible solutions. I also felt as if I was no longer so alone in my health struggles.

- Jiana

I just finished your Vaginal Microbiome rehab course. It was wonderful and very informative! I actually feel very relieved after taking it. I was avoiding the live session as I somehow thought I'd feel some sort of shame for eating too much "fruit" or "bread" or causing this to my body etc. Anyway, it was totally opposite and I feel a sense of calm, appreciation, gratitude, and the need to take action now. So THANK YOU for creating this course.

- Jayla

Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop! I didn’t know what to expect going into it, but I was just blown away by your knowledge and insights. I have been feeling so defeated lately, and I left the workshop feeling empowered.

- Ali