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Periods During A Pandemic

A 4 week live course on Embodied Healing and Menstrual Literacy for Hormonal Resilience

Know your blood, own your body.

During times of stress, women’s bodies adapt by reserving energy that would be used for reproduction and creating sex hormones for meeting survival needs instead. This is an intelligent way to ensure the safety and preservation of humans. However, what happens when stress is prolonged and a perceived threat starts to create symptoms and dis-ease? What happens when you’re waiting for a letdown that doesn’t arrive?

We’re living through this in many ways right now. I’ve heard from countless women who have experienced menstrual cycle shifts, pain, PMS, migraines, excessive bleeding, fertility challenges, insomnia, anxiety and overall changes in their access to vitality during the last months. Living during uncertain times requires a new level of rooting into safety and developing a sense of security that is both of the Earth and beyond the material world. We’re being stretched and challenged in ways that feel uncertain and it’s affecting the deepest layers of our being.

The womb is one of those deepest layers. It is the great alchemizer.

The womb perceives the food we eat, the thoughts we generate, the air we breathe, the environment we live in, the fluidity and movement of our tissues, the biochemistry of our cells, the emotions we digest or shunt, the way we express sexuality and so much more. The womb feels the cosmic shift that is taking place through the collective and can guide you more fully into your most inner resources.

Any issues that are presenting themselves right now are a call for your attention. We’ve been conditioned to see the body as an obstacle but what if the body held the answers instead? What if the landscape of the body was the exquisite unfolding we longed for? We often want to fix the body, make it a certain way. We want it to “perform” by certain standards. We think our womb cycles need to follow the moon or be a certain number of days to be a reflection of our okayness. We think our sexuality *should* be expressed in a certain way. Yet, biology and physiology are diverse. Humans are malleable, adaptable and resilient. The womb is reflecting so much of our inner experience, assimilation process and also the degradation of our environment.

Thinking that we need to constantly fix our hormones, our bleeding, our emotions, our pain, is really not the way forward. The womb says listen, cycles are wild and messy and have timing that cannot always be understood with the rational mind. Slow down and tend to your inner world, we can do this together.

Now is a time to root into safety and nourishment to create stress resilience which leads to hormonal resilience. This is a path of finding yourself again while tending to your womb cycle health and ease. This course is a container to explore and heal all layers of you – physical, psycho emotional, sexual, mental, spiritual.

During this 4 week course we will…

This course will include

4 live 90 minute calls, Thursdays at 10 am PST starting September 3rd

Weekly embodied practices to support you in the different phases of your cycle 

Guided acupressure sessions (incorporated into the live calls)

A private FB group for community support

This course is for you if

Investment: $147

Here’s what you need to know

This is an opportunity to reclaim the embodied wisdom of your menstrual cycle, receive practical knowledge and tips for healthy menstruation and deeply understand your physiology as it relates to hormones.

Let’s come together to focus on the power and potential for healing right now. Let’s remember that vitality and freedom are available even in times of upheaval and uncertainty. Let’s tend to our wombs and bodies together as an act of resilience for now and hope for the future.

Prolonged stress or suffering doesn’t have to be without growth, pleasure, support and radical self compassion. This is a container to truly dive into the wild nature of nonlinear healing and deep body wisdom that we may turn away from otherwise.

I welcome all women into this journey of the sacred and mundane of knowing your blood and owning your body.

A call for mothers...

Mother bodies, I know you are struggling. Please join us and root into your inner spring. It’s time to drink from your own well. This course will be part practical guidance, part soulful healing journey, part community resourcing. Healing doesn’t have to be a solo process. Healing in community feels good because it’s what our bodies recognize as true nourishment.

Hi, I’m Kristin and I’ll be your guide. I’m a Licensed Acupuncturist, herbalist and somatic sex educator. My practice is focused on women’s sexual, hormonal and pelvic health, fertility through postpartum. I offer embodied, holistic care that centers your real, lived experience. I’m also a mom of two! I am walking this winding path with you.

My teaching style is largely influenced by my private practice and personal experience. I draw from my studies of Chinese Medicine, yoga and tantra, hormonal physiology, pelvic anatomy, somatic sex education and embodied trauma healing (in the Somatic Experiencing tradition).

Health education, especially with an emphasis on embodiment, is a missing component of modern health care. I create courses and offerings with the goal of providing women an opportunity to claim agency for their bodies and find healing in a way that is generative and deeply nourishing. 

This course will honor where you are in your process, allow you to take the next step on your unique path and provide deep insight in the womb cycle. I hope you’ll join!

Registration is currently closed but I will be releasing a self paced menstrual literacy and hormonal resilience course soon. Get on the waitlist now to be the first to know when it’s ready!

Disclaimer: This course is for educational purposes and not for the diagnosis or treatment of disease. After all, if you wanted to give away your power to the industrial medical system, you wouldn’t be here!