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Custom Vaginal Steam Blends

Warm your womb, soothe your soul

Yoni or Vaginal Steaming is a practice that has been used traditionally in womb care around the world.

Womb Medicine uses the principles of Chinese Herbal Medicine to create custom herbal blends for your womb cycle vitality and hormonal resilience, fertility through postpartum.

Blends are handcrafted with utmost care, intention and reverence and packaged in compostable bags. Herbs are organic or wild-harvested when possible and are otherwise tested for pesticide residue to ensure toxin free steaming for you! If you’re new to the practice of vaginal steaming, you can read more about it here.

Fire – Cool + Clear

Drains dampness and clears heat. This formula is for short term use for infections with signs of heat like itching, irritation, redness or pain. This can be used to assist the body in clearing HPV, cervical dysplasia, yeast or bacterial vaginosis.

Earth – Nourish + Lift

Tonifies Qi and Blood and raises Yang. This formula increases your womb vitality and can help address the root cause of prolapse, heavy or prolonged bleeding, scanty menstruation, motherhood exhaustion and other chronic conditions rooted in depletion of internal resources.

Metal – Soothe + Revitalize

Soothes and lubricates irritated tissues in a gentle, revitalizing way. This is the most gentle formula offered. It can be used for any constitution and is a great way to start to explore the practice of vaginal steaming. It can be used for shorter cycles, vaginal discomfort or dryness and easing pain associated with scar tissue.

Water – Nourish + Settle

Moves and nourishes Blood while also settling the spirit. This is a gentle formula that can be used in a variety of ways and is harmonized for most constitutions. It can help diminish menstrual cramping, ease the flow of blood, minimize clotting, properly cleanse the womb and process emotions held in the womb space.

Wood – Cleanse + Renew

Moves Qi and Blood, removes stagnation or old blood to renew your womb lining. This formula can be used consistently for many different constitution types to minimize menstrual pain, regulate the cycle and ease premenstrual tension.