Harmonizing the Womb Heart 

A workshop to support you in integrating the Womb Heart connection through Chinese Medicine and trauma resolution.

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Did you know there is a sacred connection between the Womb and the Heart? Did you know there is an intelligent design to keep the Heart Empress safe from emotional shock and trauma?


What we are not able to feel and integrate through the consciousness of the Heart space can be stored in the Womb until we have the capacity to move through it. 

This isn’t doom and gloom. It’s actually a way for the body to process emotional stagnation through the menstrual cycle. Your Blood holds emotions and those can be moved through your system with your bleeding time when you know how to harmonize the Womb Heart channel.


The ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine can help you understand why your emotional landscape and nervous system state impact your hormones in a profound way.


You’re here because you know that true healing needs to be comprehensive and include your body, mind and spirit.


♡Harmonizing the Womb Heart illuminates your path forward to better periods, more body wisdom, vital pelvic health and soul maturation.♡

This workshop is for you if...


⊹ You’re struggling with menstrual pain 

⊹ You have cervical dysplasia

⊹ You’re preparing to conceive

⊹ You have PMS or PMDD

⊹ You have fibroids, PCOS or endometriosis

⊹ You have irregular ovulation or bleeding

⊹ You’re struggling to conceive 

⊹ You’re awakening to the power and wisdom of your womb 


Here we dive deep into the physiology of the Womb Heart connection both through the lens of Chinese medicine and hormonal physiology.

You’ll learn:


- Some essentials from Chinese medicine including the concepts of Yin, Yang, Qi and Blood


- All about the connection between the Womb and the Heart


- How the channel between the Heart and the Womb impact ovulation, menstruation, pregnancy and birth


- More than the basics of the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis and how it relates to the Womb Heart 


- How to recognize when there is Womb Heart disharmony 


- Best practices for supporting the Womb Heart, including nutrition, acupressure, herbal allies and more

I'm Ready to Harmonize!

Hi, I’m Kristin. I’ll be your guide. 

I’ve been practicing as an acupuncturist and herbalist focused on womb and hormone healing, fertility through postpartum, for 10 years and I know

Harmonizing the Womb Heart is essential for lasting healing! When I finally truly understood the connection between the Heart and the Womb, I was able to transform debilitating menstrual pain into pain-free periods. 


That’s why I’m bringing together the best of what I know from the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine  and embodied wisdom from my own lived experience, including walking with 100s of women - to offer you a 2-hour workshop just about the Womb Heart

Get started now in understanding this channel according to Chinese medicine and healing in an intelligent, embodied way can transform your womb and hormone vitality.

When you join you get immediate access to the full workshop video recording plus these bonuses:


♡ A guided audio Womb Heart breathing practice

♡ A guided audio vaginal mapping practice for nervous system regulation 

 ♡ Resource guide for further support and integration


I'm Ready


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Are you ready to root into your healing potential?
Finally transform any lingering or stubborn womb and hormone challenges by embracing ancient wisdom.
There are infinite healing possibilities. If this one's for you, you’ll feel it. 
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 There are infinite healing possibilities, if this one is for you, you'll feel it.