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Know your blood​

Own your fertility

Embody your sexuality

Welcome home to your body as a place of power, pleasure and freedom.

Now is the time to discover the power and potential of vitality and pleasure that is alive within you. It’s time to claim your fertility and sexuality as your own. It’s time to heal yourself, so you can free yourself.

Womb Medicine is where you can find embodied wisdom and education for body literacy, womb cycle health and sexuality. You’ll find practical tips for menstrual health and ease, support for empowered fertility, resources for birthing in power, healing for postpartum and education for awakening your sexuality.

Join this powerful community of women discovering agency for their health, sexuality and capacity to show up in the world. Start from where you are. Start now.

How can Womb Medicine support your vitality and autonomy in health and sexuality?

Womb Medicine provides the education you never received around womb cycles and sexuality from menarche to menopause. This isn’t a top down approach or model, instead it centers your lived experience and invites you deeper into your internal resources. Womb Medicine courses weave ancient wisdom, embodiment and modern science so you can truly see your body as an ally and heal at the root level. Menstrual literacy and digestive health resilience are essential first steps in reclaiming your healing capacity and unlearning damaging cultural narratives about female bodies. Be sure to start there if those are areas where you need support! These aren’t courses to check off your to do list. These are invitations and inquiries to a different way of life that feels nourishing, rooted and enlivening. If you’re here, trust the thread that led you here and most importantly trust your own healing capacity.
Digestive Reset

Digestive Reset

A 4 week self-paced Digestive Reset
for Hormonal Resilience.
Revitalize your digestive health.

Know Your Blood

A month long journey of healing and
reclamation for better periods, more
pleasure and lasting body wisdom.

Mother Sex Alchemy

A 6 week live course that dives deep
into embodied healing and
sexual alchemy as mother.

Interested in working with Kristin one on one? Click the image to find out more

Hi there, I’m Kristin, Womb Medicine founder, Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Somatic Sex Educator and mother of two. 

During my years working as a women’s health acupuncturist, I’ve noticed how much education is needed to help women reclaim their vitality and sexuality, especially on the motherhood path.

I see group offerings and processes as a necessary step for the future of medicine that centers your body wisdom and lived experience.

I teach from a place of both knowledge from rigorous study and embodied wisdom. I don’t teach about things I haven’t lived. This is unique and essential.

I want to give you the tools and insights you need to reclaim pleasure, power and freedom on your motherhood journey, fertility to postpartum. When we join together, we create a powerful container for healing and transformation. You don’t have to do this work alone. Together, we can release shame and heal trauma through relationship and community. You can feel resourced and whole again, wherever you are on your womb and sexual health path.

Womb Medicine is a healing community, an educational platform and a path of deep reverence to the body and commitment to change the cultural landscape to honor life and humanity.

Founded by Kristin Hauser, Womb Medicine aims to provide embodied and practical education on womb cycle health, sexual wholeness, feminism and sovereignty in birth and mothering in these trying and opportune times. 

Join me in this revolution for your health, your sex, your desire, your creative capacity, your children, your real human potential. Join for our shared humanity, our communities and our planet. 

Together, Womb Medicine changes us, emerges from the abyss and shapes our future. This is a future of community and collaboration, autonomy and discernment, embodiment and pleasure, nature and mothering. 

The revolution starts in your intelligent, uniquely designed body. And it starts now.

Womb Medicine values wholeness and honoring the sacred and mundane interplay of Yin and Yang within each of us.


Yin is fluid and dark. It’s dense and slow. It’s receptive and soft.

Womb Medicine Yin
Womb Medicine Yang


Yang is bright and airy. It’s diffuse and quick moving. It’s penetrating and sharp.

In envisioning our shared future, please remember...

Pleasure and embodiment are the way forward in revolutionizing women’s health and sexual autonomy.

Embodied wisdom comes from your felt experience and the divine, complex interplay between body and mind.

Finding freedom and embodied vitality in your female body is safe and it’s your birthright.

Ecstatic birth and reclaiming the erotic in mothering is essential for healing the trauma of encultured sexual shame.

Womb Medicine's offerings center around womb cycle health, embodiment and coming into wholeness.

This includes the following:

This path weaves the embodied wisdom of yoga, tantra, somatic sex education, Chinese medicine and earth based spiritual traditions along side trauma resolution and tracking skills, understanding biology and modern science. Yin and Yang.

What others are saying about Womb Medicine Courses

"Mother Sex Alchemy was a great experience for me and I'm very grateful that you made this course happen Kristin! Kristin has amazingly profound knowledge to share and every week's course was full of women's wisdom, enlightening moments and rewarding practices. The six weeks of the course helped me create space for myself and made me focus a lot more on nourishing aspects of mothering and on my needs - sexual and sensual ones. I am so glad I took part and would recommend it to every mom!"
Rebecca F.
"What has shifted is an understanding that my womb journey is mine and that is beautiful. A lot has shifted in all aspects. Emotionally I have embraced my process and allowed my feelings to come as they are. I've learned that my inner voice to and about my body have a direct effect on my organs and my womb. I'm now more loving with that inner voice. Physically I've began to see more patterns in my cycle and feel I'm able to hear my wombs wishes better because of the education and teachings about my body and my womanhood. I am not what has happened to me. I am a women strong and powerful and my body physically can heal."
Kelly H.
"The Live your Fertility webcasts were instrumental for me as a new mom and understanding my body post-delivery. This was especially important because much of the self-care and down-regulation that people encouraged me to do before I had my daughter, was even more important afterwards and yet it wasn’t until I took this Live Your Fertility series that I fully understood what these terms meant to me, which wasn’t something more “to do”. It was important to better understand my womb and cycle, not only because that is core of me but also the birthplace of my daughter."
Traci T.
“Thank you SO much Kristin for the Digestive Reset. Your knowledge and generosity in sharing it is invaluable. I felt guided all along the way. It was a safe "place" to be, even if we were thousands of kilometers apart! The Digestive Reset planted seeds of change in my way of seeing food and myself. I am forever grateful and will follow the reset again at another time. Price for value is amazing.
Amélie S.
“Kristin’s hormonal reset came just at the right time for me this fall in the helpful way I so yearned for. Her thorough program was accessible and effective. I enjoyed learning more about the hormonal system and learning recipes that help support it. After the reset I felt much more balanced and nourished, which for me is just how I want to enter the holy days of winter. I also experienced much more mild menstrual cycles after the reset. I felt reset! Thank you Kristin for putting this lovely program together for women!”
Tawny S.
"Kristin offers an amazing window into the world of motherhood through understanding your unique sexuality. She is clear and concise. She helped me connect to my deep self as well as my partner right after having our first baby. I felt seen and heard in a way no doctor ever could. This is the new revolution to postpartum care. Are you a mom? You deserve to know you are magic! This course can help remind you."
F. H.

Are you ready to reclaim your womb health?