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Know your blood

Own your fertility

Embody your sexuality

It's time to take a stand for your body as your own and pleasure as your birthright!

Now is the time to discover the power and potential for vitality and pleasure that is alive within you. It’s time to take a stand for your body as your own and pleasure as your birthright. It’s time to heal yourself, so you can free yourself. It’s time to claim your fertility and sexuality as your own.

Womb Medicine is where you can find embodied wisdom and education for body literacy, womb cycle health and sexuality. Here you’ll discover practical tips for menstrual health and ease, support for empowered fertility, healing for postpartum and education for awakening your sexuality.

Join this powerful community of women reclaiming their health, sexuality and capacity to show up in the world. Start from where you are. Start now.

How can Womb Medicine support your vitality, ease and autonomy in health and sexuality?

Womb Medicine centers your felt and lived experience in a female body, while also providing the education you never received around womb cycles and sexuality from menarche to menopause. Menstrual Literacy is an essential first step in reclaiming your vitality and unlearning damaging cultural narratives about life with female anatomy. From here, you can dive deeper into your fertility and reclaim pleasure as your power source. 

Menstrual Literacy Course

Start here by learning more about my Menstrual Literacy Course. This is a self-paced course to know your blood and own your body.

Here you’ll learn what a healthy menstrual cycle looks like and take steps to get there. This course is what you really need to know to optimize your cycle and use its superpowers. You’ll learn everything from the hormonal physiology, the emotional, sexual and relational landscape of each phase to the energetic view of menstruation from the Chinese medicine tradition. Take back your health and reclaim your sexuality starting now! 

Mother. Sex. Spirit.

A 6 week live course and embodied conversation on the intersection of motherhood, sexuality and spirituality.

We’re living into a new narrative of motherhood and sexuality. Many of us are reclaiming the inherent spiritual journey of both mothering and sexual expression. We need guideposts along the path. Join this 6 week live course to reclaim and redefine your sexuality as a mother. Motherhood is a sexual and spiritual maturation process. Here you’ll have the opportunity to integrate your birth experience(s), learn about female arousal and hormones, discover your emerging sexual identity and truly claim your desires — solo or in partnership. Join me in the revolution of centering your pleasure and deeply understanding your sexuality.

Own Your Fertility

This is a deep dive into owning and optimizing your fertility. This 12 week live course will ignite your capacity to create and contain, as well as provide clear steps to reach hormonal vitality and ease.

It’s time to reclaim your embodied wisdom and fully live into your vitality and desire. Our fertility has been managed, suppressed, pathologized and commodified. That stops now. Take back your fertile power for conscious conception (or contraception) and creating a vibrant, soulful life. I’m here to guide you back to your innate wisdom. Your fertility is yours!

Hi there, I’m Kristin, Womb Medicine founder, Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Somatic Sex Educator and mother of two.  During my years working as a women’s health acupuncturist, I’ve noticed how much education is needed to help women reclaim their vitality and sexuality on the motherhood path. I see group offerings and processes as a necessary step for the future of medicine that centers your body wisdom and lived experience. I teach from a place of both knowledge and embodied wisdom. I don’t teach about things I haven’t experienced in some capacity. This is unique and essential. I want to give you the tools and insights you need to reclaim pleasure, power and freedom on your motherhood journey, fertility to postpartum. When we join together, we create a powerful container for healing and transformation. You don’t have to do this work alone. Together, we can release shame and heal trauma through relationship and community. You can feel resourced and whole again, wherever you are on your womb and sexual health path.

Womb Medicine is a healing community, an educational platform and a path of deep reverence to the body and commitment to change the cultural landscape.

Founded by Kristin Hauser, Womb Medicine aims to provide embodied and practical education on womb cycle health, sexual wholeness, feminism and sovereignty in birth and mothering in these trying and opportune times. 

Join me in this revolution for your health, your sex, your desire, your creative capacity, your children, your real human potential. Join for our shared humanity, our communities and our planet. 

Together, Womb Medicine changes us, emerges from the abyss and shapes our future. This is a future of community and collaboration, autonomy and discernment, embodiment and pleasure, nature and mothering. 

The revolution starts in your intelligent, uniquely designed body. And it starts now.

Womb Medicine values wholeness and honoring the sacred and mundane interplay of Yin and Yang within each of us.


Yin is fluid and dark. It’s dense and slow. It’s receptive and soft.

  • Embodiment - the act of taking up full residence and presence in your body vessel and allowing your essence to be expressed through the body.
  • Pleasure - a felt sense of enjoyment, ease, happiness or satisfaction. Embodied presence.
  • Nature - the innate or essential qualities and physiology of being human or existing as a live being on earth. Also, the animating force for life on earth.
  • Mothering - to look after our children, ourselves and our earth kindly and protectively.


Yang is bright and airy. It’s diffuse and quick moving. It’s penetrating and sharp.

  • Autonomy - freedom from external influence, rooted in body literacy and ownership. Present moment awareness and integrity.
  • Discernment - the ability to know in the body and the mind what is “right” for you. Clear vision and insight.
  • Community - a shared understanding of interdependence and a shared vision for the future. The capacity to feel attuned to the whole.
  • Collaboration - to be in co-creation with others. To be able to work with others for the good of all beings.

In envisioning our shared future, please remember...

Pleasure and embodiment are the way forward in revolutionizing women’s health and sexual autonomy. 

Finding freedom and embodied vitality in your female body is safe and it’s your birthright.

Embodied wisdom comes from your felt experience, from the body to the brain, not the brain to the body. 

Womb Medicine's offerings center around womb cycle health, embodiment and coming into wholeness.

This includes the following:

  • Menstruation
  • Fertility
  • Feminine Sexuality
  • Radical Birth Keeping
  • Postpartum Healing
  • Postpartum Sexuality
  • Earth Wisdom
  • Lunar Rhythms
  • Blood Rites and Rituals
  • Embodiment
  • Emerging Medicine
  • Resilience and Wholeness

Womb Medicine centers females, women and mothers. All those self identifying with these expressions are welcome here.

This path weaves the embodied wisdom of yoga, tantra, somatic sex education, Chinese medicine and earth based spiritual traditions along side trauma resolution and tracking skills, understanding biology and modern science. Yin and Yang.


Are you ready to reclaim your womb health?