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Welcome home to your body as a place of power, pleasure and freedom.


I’m Kristin, Womb Medicine founder, mother of 3, acupuncturist, herbalist and somatic guide for radical, intelligent women and practitioners like yourself. It’s my mission to support women to feel good in their bodies, heal in a sustainable, root level way and unearth the power (and pleasure!) of female physiology.

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Unlock Your Fertile Power

Join me for a free fertility masterclass coming up on July 24th at 3 pm CDT. During this class you will understand the essentials for healing your fertility at the root level, using my proven 5 step process, and transforming any grief from your journey into fertile potential for your future conception. 
Yes woman, you can get pregnant after loss. Yes, you can conceive easily after 40. I’m here to show you what’s possible, distilling years of hard earned insights and deep study.

Yes there will be a replay available.

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 Know Your Blood, Heal Your Hormones

This 4-week journey is a deep dive into what you really need to know to heal any period problems, restore your fertility and enjoy the female biological imprint. You’ll learn everything from the hormonal physiology, the emotional, sexual and relational landscape of each phase to the energetic view of menstruation from the Chinese medicine tradition. Create lasting hormonal resilience, optimize fertility and finally enjoy being a woman.

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Radically Holistic Pregnancy Support

The Vital Pregnancy collective is your radically holistic companion for vital pregnancy, birth portal preparation and a happy, healthy postpartum. Join the collective for immediate access to workshops and masterclasses that will allow you to move through pregnancy with confidence and ease. Receive ongoing support through the community and our monthly live masterclasses covering: nutrition during pregnancy, pregnancy as a healing state, navigating birth outside the system and so much more!

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Truly Holistic Miscarriage Support

Jun 12, 2024

Embracing Freebirth: Trusting Your Body's Natural Wisdom

May 30, 2024

The Truth About Hormonal Contraceptives

Apr 05, 2024

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"Kristin is a true wisdom keeper in the world of female hormones, fertility, and more.  She is able to hold a clinical container while simultaneously respecting bodily autonomy and nature’s innate intelligence. I love knowing that when I speak with Kristin, she is able to hold space for a multitude of roles: a colleague, mentor, friend, and more. She is my top choice when referring friends, family, and customers for support when it comes to all things female vitality, hormones, and health."

-Arielle de Martinez of Subluna

Core Belt of the Vitalist Co

"It has been such a gift to find Kristin Hauser. It is rare to find someone who so deeply trusts in the inborn intelligence of the body and lives such an empowered, heart-centered life. Kristin is the whole package - she has a powerful presence and is a seasoned teacher and guide. She is a wonderful clinician who also acknowledges the multi-dimensional nature of human. I have had the pleasure of getting to know Kristin at a deeper level and can say that she lives with utmost congruence and alignment in all areas of her life. I find her to be such a wonderful resource for all women no matter their concern or where they are on their healing path. She is a wealth of information and a true facilitator of transformation."

-Corey Belt, DC of The Vitalist Co.

-Emilly Athena of EroSpark Movement

"Kristin is my colleague, teacher, healthcare provider, and friend. I trust her with my most perplexing health inquiries, and I feel confident referring clients to her knowing they will be in excellent care. Kristin is wise, kind, and has the rare skill to make complex concepts easy to understand. Her advice is like gold. I recommend her to any woman who wants to heal and taste the power of her womanhood."

-Emilly Athena of EroSpark Movement 

Need targeted support for common womb and hormone challenges? We probably have you covered with one of the Womb Medicine workshops!

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Healing Estrogen Dominance
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Vaginal Microbiome Rehab
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Restore Your Fertility and Ovarian Vitality
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If you’re a womb and hormone healing practitioner, coach, birth worker or community wise women, get on my waitlist for a practitioner mentorship coming 2024. 

Womb Medicine Practitioner mentorship 2024 Waitlist and news!

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Are you ready to heal at the root level and remember that power, pleasure and freedom are yours to have? 

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