Tried and True Womb Medicine Resources

Here are some products, brands and books that I recommend. Using these links does support the growth of Womb Medicine.

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FullScript: Fullscript is a trusted online supplement dispensary where you can get 10% off retail prices and find some of my favorite supplements for womb and hormone healing.
Perfect Supplements: Check out their desiccated beef liver (capsules or powder), bovine gelatin or the acerola powder for a great source of vitamin C. 
Butcher Box: A great resource for grass-fed, grass-finished beef, free-range chicken, and pastured pork. Get $30 off your first “box” when you use this link. 



Tempdrop: Get 10% off Tempdrop, a Fertility Awareness Method thermometer that you wear overnight for easy basal body temperature tracking and recording. 


Root + Bones: Chinese Herbal Medicine Tonics and Medicinal Mushrooms. These are well sourced tonics that you can take regularly to support vitality


Thrive Market: My go-to online market for hormone-friendly pantry staples, snacks and cleaning products. 40% off your first order ,
Risewell: My favorite hormone-friendly toothpaste. Use code HAUSER10 for 10% off. 


BonChargeScience backed wellness products to optimize your sleep, wellbeing and recovery. Here you can find everything from blue blockers to EMF blocking underwear to low blue light bulbs and amazing infrared light therapy devices. Use the code Womb Medicine for 15% off.



Moon Mother Hemp Company: Full spectrum CBD products. I love their Full Spectrum Hemp Extract and the Intimacy Oil. 


WAANDS: Re-sensitize your vaginal tissues and come home to your body with these high quality crystal yoni wands. Use the link for 10% off. 
Saalt: Period underwear that is toxin free and has lots of styles and fabrics to choose from. Use this link for $20 off your first purchase.



Free Bleed: Luxurious waterproof blankets designed for uninhibited intimacy and free bleeding. Great for postpartum too! Use the link for 10% off. 
Erospark Movement with Emily Athena: This is a movement practice membership that offers functional, sensual and meaningful movement in the form of weekly classes and so much more!
SubLuna by Arielle de Martinez: Sovereign beauty, hair healing and folk herbalism wisdom. Check out all her hair healing offerings for toxin free hair care. Learn how to make your own medicinal mushroom dual extracts or herbal infused oils.
Paloma Health: At home, comprehensive thyroid testing. Use the link for $30 off your order.